Gods & Goddesses


Alyeong: First Queen of Shilla

Aryong Jong: Goddess of rainfall

Chumong: Founder of the Koguryeo Kingdom in 37 BCE

Dragon Carp: Symbol of wealth; Folklore legend

Habaek: Water deity who lived in the Yalu River; Had three daughters (Yuhwa, Hweonhwa, Wuihwa)

Haemosu: Sun Deity; Son of the God of Heaven; Father of Chumong

Hananim: Supreme God; Master of the universe, he can move the stars; He punishes the wicked and rewards the good

Hanlnim: Sky God

Heo Hwangok: First Queen of Kaya

Hwanin: Emperor God of heaven and earth

Hwanung: Son of Hwanin. He descended from heaven to Mount T'aebaek where he founded the City of the Gods beneath a sacred tree

Kim Alji: First of the Kim family of Shilla

Kim Suro: Founder of the Kaya kingdom in the first century CE

Koeulla: Second Oldest of the three demi-gods; Part of the Samseong myth

Kud: Personification of evil and darkness

Kujiga: Song that is sung by the nine elders of Kaya when summoning King Suro

Kumiho: Nine tailed fox

Oryonggeo: "Five Dragon Chariot" was the chariot that Haemosu rode when he descended to earth and when he ascended back to heaven

Pak Hyeokkeose: First King of Shilla

Palk: Sun God and founder of the realm of light; He is the personification of all that is good, light and beneficial

Pueulla: Youngest of the three demi gods in the myth of Samseong

Seok T'alhae: Fourth King of Shilla

Solmundae Halmang: Creator of islands, mountains, valleys, hills and the rivers on Cheju Island

Tangun: Legendary founder of the first Korean kingdom, Old Choseon in 2333 BCE

Tol - Harubang: "Stone Grandfather" These are large stone phallic statues; They are traditionally gods who offer protection and fertility

Yangeulla: Eldest of the three demi gods in the Samseong Myth

Yondung Halmoni: Ancient Wind Goddess

Yuhwa: Mother of Chumong and the eldest daughter of Habaek