Tiamat's Children

Many people are under the impression that reptiles are horrid, human enslaving creatures, why? Do people honestly know the truth about this race? Or is it that people feel comfortable in believing conspiracy theories? Well I for one am not, so I decided to find out the truth on the matter.

First, a bit of background information for everyone...

Tiamat is the mother of the Earth, she created it, although not in the way most people would think.

During the great battle, as described in the Enuma Elish, Marduk killed Tiamat. He split her body in two, the upper half of her body went to create the heavens whilst the lower half created the earth.

Now, Tiamat was a great cosmic Dragon, a serpent or also known as a: reptile. Before the great battle, Tiamat and her consort Apsu had children, the line of the serpents, this blood line has flowed down through the generations within what is known as "The Children of Tiamat". This bloodline has lain dormant within human bodies, these people are mostly unaware of their heritage, now, this in no way makes them evil.

The Children of Tiamat are very neutral beings, they are not interested in saving or enslaving humanity, their main purpose in life (and after) is to look after the Earth, they are the universal guardians. They represent the balance, the scales of the earths energies. If something tips the scales too much or too little, then these children will restore the balance.

The unfortunate thing happens to be that most of these children have no recollection or knowledge about their bloodline or their position in the grand scheme of things.

The children who are awakened and aware of their position, will play a very neutral role in the afterlife, they are not to be feared, but they are not to be trusted completely either. They will do what is right for the Earth and their mother...

I will place a new indepth section of Tiamat's Children on the website, but for now I hope this gives people some insight into the reptilian nature.